Deep Dive Dinners

With Elenna Mosoff & Danika Zoe

12 strangers

1 family style dinner

1 local chef

1 conversation

Deep dive dinners are an opportunity to disconnect from the echo chamber of the online world and have a lively, multi-faceted conversation with people you may not ever meet.  We seek not to solve or come to consensus around our topics, but rather to give them space, breath and perspective that you might not otherwise get in your day to day existence, or in your immediate circles. 


Join us for an intimate evening, that provides an antidote to the world’s lack of face-to-face connection.


The Deep Dive Dinners are a unique experience in our modern world - an opportunity to get to know 11 fellow strangers in this strange land, and to explore exciting topics that we don’t usually discuss in groups.

- T. Haldenby

—  Name, Title

Religion & God

What do you believe in?

April 4, 2020

Location: Secret Location

Time: 6:30pm

Chef: Mirelle Blassnig

A Latin American inspired menu

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