Reading Retreats

"Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading." Rainer Maria Rilke

Close your eyes.


Picture yourself in your cosiest clothes, with no itinerary or To Do list, nothing but time to indulge in endless hours of reading with optional breaks to take a walk through the countryside. Suddenly someone puts a snack board in front of you then a few hours later a beautiful dinner has been prepared for you and you didn't have to lift a fact you haven't lifted a finger in days except to flip pages.


Did someone just build a campfire for after dinner conversation and dessert? What is this heavenly place?


It's a reading retreat!

What does that even mean?!


It means 2 days and nights of intentional reading time side by side with fellow readers while all your food needs, are taken care of which includes a nightly communal dinner with some structured group literary activities and discussions.  


July 26-28, 2019

The retreat will officially begin at 7pm on the 26th with a dinner

(arrival window between

5:30 - 7:00)

and end at 1:00pm on the 28th.


Cobblestone Farms


This beautiful 18th century renovated farmhouse is located in Northumberland hills, just 1 hr east of Toronto.


Readers! This retreat is for all readers anywhere on the gender spectrum. 19+

Why come

Life is filled with too many distractions so we welcome you to our temporary distraction free bubble where you can relax into a book without worrying that you are supposed to be doing something else...because you’re not.

book pick


by Lisa Halliday


We ask that you all read this for our book club night. For the rest of the retreat, it is entirely up to you what you want to read and how much you want to read.

Accommodation &

Booking details

*Costs includes all food (meals + snacks) and drinks (wine with dinner) for the weekend, as well as all facilitated discussion activities.


  • Master Bedroom - $1000 - Good for 2 people - friends, spouses, pairs of any kind.

  • North Guest Room - $950 - Good for 2 people - friends, spouses, pairs of any kind.

  • Single Guest Room - $750 - 1 person

  • Bunk room 1 - $900 ($450/person) - You can reserve by bunk (upper or lower). 2 people per room.

  • Bunk room 2 - $900 ($450/person) - You can reserve by bunk (upper or lower). 2 people per room.


First come first serve basis.


To secure your spot, send an email to with your bedroom request and send an e-transfer to the same email with a 50% deposit.

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